UV varnish for marble

[use age ] spray coating method, curtain coating, roller coating.
1:clean the marble, dry the surface water
2: to burnish the marble surface with sandpaper.
3:spray the varnish
4:leveling time: 3 to 5 minutes (70 degrees Celsius, which can raise the temperature to reduce the leveling time), UV energy 800MJ / CM2

1:the marble surface can’t  be waxed, so as not to affect the flowing and fixing.
2:marble surfaces must be thoroughly dust, spray booth need clean air.
3:compressed air must be dry, otherwise the high water content  causing  the white film or can’t curely attached.
4:prohibit mixing with water, oil, and any solvent .Also avoid add  the thinner into the varnish. The low-viscosity affect the leveling, but the high-viscosity cause the white film, sagging, cracking .
5:voltage instability will affect the curing, UV lamps should be changed regularly.
6:Avoid direct contacting to the skin, should wear protective glove and glasses when operate. If the product is accidentally spilled on the skin, wash with soap and water immediately.