UV varnish for paper

[Introduction]: This product is mainly used for surface coating printed on colored paper, and is widely used in high-grade books, box, calendars, fashion magazines and other packaging. Can be used in a roll coater, gripper coater, gravure coater, offset printing, screen printing, flexography printing. Can be use in offline coating or printing machine line.

[Product Examples]:mainly used in high-end, beautiful, chic  paper printing such as tobacco package, alcohol package, cosmetics package, health products package, food package, medicine package and other packaging printing.

[Product Overview]:  UV acrylic resin as the main polyamine resin, after ultraviolet (UV) radiation curing to form film state. It is used for paper glossing and also be used for photo film. It could suit for any inks, (sometimes should to use the base oil). It has the characteristics of high glossing, non-fading, high wear resistance, fast speed of drying, odorless, good adhesion on paper.

[Note]:  Conservation Store in a cool, dark area