UV varnish for penholder

1.Function and application
Rapid curing, high glossiness , fullness, high hardness, good performance of abrasion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, good performance of gas resistance; widely used for writing brush holder, painting brush holder, cosmetic brush holder and small handicraft decoration and protection. The product has characteristic of rapid curing speed , energy saving, suitable for mass production . Bladecoating and can’t add other diluents when usded.

2. Parameter

 Item  Specification 
Appearance  Clear and transparent liquid 
viscosity(Brookfield Viscometer)(40℃±1℃) 1000-2000mpa*s
Hardness( pencil hardness) 2H 
Glossiness(60 degrees glossmeter) ≥96
Adhesive force( cross cut test) 100/100 
Gas resistance 94#gas,24h    No change 
Water resistance(48h)   No change
Salt fog resistance(7days/degree) 1degree
Curing speed S(m/min); distance with lamp: 25cm  8-10 

3.Construction Technology
Base material----Base coat----dry----polishing ----dedusting---- Coating --- Levelling flow – Curing----Inspection