UV coating

1.Function and application
The product has characteristic of rapid curing speed, energy saving, high production efficiency,  fullness and high hardness,  suitable for mass production.


Item  Specification 
Appearance  Clear and transparent liquid 
chroma(Fe-Co Chromometer) ≤2
Viscosity(Tu-4 cup) 15s±1(23±1℃)
Solid content  92%
The surface of film Flat and smooth
Hardness( pencil hardness)  ≥2H
Glossiness ( glossmeter) ≥93
Adhesive force( cross cut test) 100/100

3.Construction Technology
Base material---- Surface cleaning(wipe acetone )---- - Printing ----- Drying ---- Spraying (roller) varnish ----- IR leveling flow---- UV curing-----Inspection----Packaging