Common water-based varnish

The product is water-based and environmentally friendly styrene - acrylic copolymer emulsion, suitable for a variety of paper and printing ink. After film formation, performance of glossiness, transparency, adhesive force, abrasion resistance, anti-adhesion of paper and paper is excellent. The product is nontoxic, non-dangerous and in line with environmental protection requirements.

Suitable for a variety of paper lustering and processed with single or combined machines.
Widely used for the carton and autochelloon printing paper

Packaging and storage
Package: 50kg/ drum, 200kg/drum
High temperature, refrigeration and exposure must be avoided.
Do not mix with other products, unused product should be sealed. The remainder of one package must be sealed for storage.

Shelf life
6 months for sealed state stored

Stir fully before using, the remainder must be stored in sealed package;
Diluted with deionized water, put appropriate amount of ethanol or 2-Butoxyethanol to adjust the drying time;
When the machine stops working, please clean it with water.
Dried agglomerate varnish can be cleaned by special cleaning agent.
We will be more than pleased to adjust or improve the the product once special requirement is put forward.