high wearing resistance varnish

1.super wear resistance,  2.excellent levelability   3.drying fast.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 20kg/plastic barrel   200kg/ plastic barrel
Delivery Detail: Within 10 days after confirm


Suitable for a variety of paper lustering , and processed with independent or combined machines.

1 Sealed and stored in dark and dry and cool place; store temperature is 5-30°C.High temperature, refrigeration and exposure must be avoided.
2 Do not mix with other products, unused product should be sealed.
3 The remainder of one package must be sealed state stored.

Shelf life
6 months for sealed state stored

1 Stir fully before using, the remainder must be stored in sealed package;
2 Diluted with deionized water, put appropriate amount of ethanol or 2-Butoxyethanol to adjust the drying time
3 when the machine stop working, please clean it with water;
4 Dried agglomerate varnish can be washed by special cleaning agent;
5 We will be pleased to adjust or improve the product once the special requirement is put forward.