CAS No.: 868-77-9 
EINECS: 212-782-2
Production process: it is produced by esterification reaction of methacrylic acid and ethylene oxide under the effect of catalyst and inhibitor
Chemical property:  Colorless and transparent liquid, flammable, soluble in water, and soluble in ordinary organic solvents, low viscosity, good attenuant effort, could react in thermal curing and UV curing.
2. Physical and chemical parameters
Physical index

Chemical  Specification

3. Function and Application
1) UV diluent/Thinner (active monomers)
Directly as active monomer, react in the formula (such as plastic spraying, UV wood coatings, gusset plate paint, vacuum plating paint, paper varnish etc.), have a good dilution effect, and the adhesion is improved
2) Synthesise the raw material
As the (meth) hydroxyl acrylate has hydroxyl, so it could react with many functional groups to synthesise polymer materials:
synthesise thermosetting acrylic resin, and use  amino resin to make baked coating;
Synthesise UV resin, such as amino acrylate, polyester acrylates and urethane acrylates.
Synthesise adhesive, fiber finishing agent (UV glue, acrylic adhesive, etc.)

HEMA is small molecular monomers with smell, and irritates skin and eyes, direct touch with skin must be avoided. When constructing, please wear protective gloves and goggles (after splashing in skin, it may become red, burning pain, blistering, peeling.   Please daub toothpaste or burn ointment timely, if splashing to the eyes, wash with plenty of water and see the doctor immediately.)

5.Package and transportation
1) Package: 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum
Minimum order quantity: no limited
Production capacity:
Delivery date: 3-5 days after the payment confirmed
2) storage temperature:15-25℃
High temperature, direct sunshine and fire must be avoided when transported

6.Expiration date: 6 months